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The Mind of Christ Institute

Mind of Christ Institute (M.O.C.I), a Christian educational institution, is covered as a ministry/business under the Church of the Everlasting Kingdom (C.O.T.E.K). The school serves students throughout the United States of America through its home location in Baltimore, Maryland and by way of distance learning.

Mind of Christ Institute is committed to serving people of diverse backgrounds. M.O.C.I does not discriminate by gender, religion, denomination, faith, physical disability, race, or age. M.O.C.I is open to anyone desiring to seek information on Christianity, the Kingdom of God, and Biblical principles.

Mind of Christ Institute supports both traditional and nontraditional students. Regardless of one’s commitments in life, M.O.C.I offers courses that can be balanced with other responsibilities. Courses are held both at the Mind of Christ Institute headquarters and at requested locations throughout the United States of America. Classes are often facilitated at churches, schools and community centers.

Mind of Christ Institute is committed to quality Christian education. M.O.C.I is designed for all levels and aspects of ministry (disciples, leaders, ministers, deacons, elders, overseers, bishops, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers); however, courses are also available for individuals with a thirst for a deeper understanding of scripture.

Mind of Christ Institute  strives to provide a positive teaching environment that is conducive to learning.

Class offerings

Below are the current class offerings for this semester. 

advanced five-fold ministry
church history
Credential Essentials for the Elder
Homiletics II
Homeletics III 
introduction to ministry
Ministry of Sacraments
works and ministry
of a deacon
old testament survey
Introduction to office of bishop (901)
The Overseer's practicum (804)
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