Five Fold Affairs

The Office of Five-Fold Affairs honors and supports the call and work of the Lord’s gifts of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. We believe that each of these ministries are vital to the effectual working of the Kingdom, both individually and also collectively. It is the responsibility of Five-Fold Affairs to ensure that our national organization has people in place focusing on each of these important areas of ministry, and that those empowered to serve in these capacities on the local level have the resources and development necessary to thrive in their area of gifting.


We are honored to be led by Overseer Dr. Davina Jones.


Apostolic (Govern)

National Apostle: Overseer-designate Romell Parks-Weekly

  • The apostolic team provides oversight and support for COTEK’s records and logistics, organizational leadership and architecture, finances, and foundational impact, while also maintaining a national standard for diversity, inclusion, and equity.

  • Coming Soon…

    • COTEK Members Portal – a one-stop hub for COTEK information-sharing

    • Resource Directory – resources that local entities can use to enhance their ministries

Prophetic (Guide)

National Prophet: Elder Katrina Johnson-Smith

  • The prophetic team provides voice to the mind and heart of God, while facilitating the sights and sounds of the Kingdom in engaging and setting atmospheres, offering intercession, and overseeing the music and media ministries.

  • Prophetic Impact (held quarterly)

    • 4th Quarter Prayer: Oct. 11, 2022 @ 7am (Eastern)

      • Leaders – Bishop Dr. Paulette Zimmerman and Bishop Sam Zimmerman

      • Prayer Focus: Wisdom/Ministry Stamina


Evangelistic (Gather)

National Evangelist: Bishop Stacey Latimer

  • The evangelistic team facilitates local, national, and international outreach efforts, while championing the ethical standard of inclusivity.

  • Sept. 23 – Bisexuality Day, on which day the Evangelistic Team will hold an open forum on the subject.

  • Oct. 11 – National Coming Out Day

  • Nov. 8 – National Intersex Solidarity Day (Intersex Day of Remembrance)

    • In solidarity, we will wear a special color for the day

  • Dec. 1 – World AIDS Day – Hold a virtual observance


Pastoral (Guard)

National Pastor: Bishop Juanita Gillis

  • The pastoral team reveals the heart of God to the people of God by establishing guidelines of the care of souls, and overseeing the hospitality, shepherding, and ushers/greeters ministries of COTEK.

  • Mental Health Focus For 4th Quarter 2022 – Depression

    • November Affirmation: "I align my thoughts with tru thoughts; with just thoughts; with pure thoughts; with lovely thoughts; with thoughts that bring me good reports."


Teaching (Grow)

National Teacher: Bishop Vince Monden

  • The teaching team serves as the light-bringers, providing instructional resources and teaching supports on both the national and local levels.

  • The Mind of Christ Institute (MOCI)’s Fall semester will run September 8 – December 1

  • Current/Upcoming courses include:

    • Eldership Intensive – Dr Doral R. Pulley

    • Deacon Intensive - Bishop A. Bernard Hector

    • Overseer Intensive - Bishop A. Bernard hector

    • The Ministry of An Armor bearer – Bishop D. Walter Rogers

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